December 09 2021

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers by Shivprasad Koirala

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers by Shivprasad Koirala
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How to answer basic SQL Server interview questions around Normalization,De-normalization,First/Second/Third Normal forms,OLTP and OLAP.

Comparison SQL Server interview questions around Primary key vs Unique key,Char vs Nchar,Char vs Varchar,Clustered vs Non-clustered,Insteadof vs After triggers
SQL Query writing questions around Inner joins,Left joins,Right joins,Outer joins , Cross joins ,Union vs Union All,Subqueries & Co-related Queries
Tricky Questions around Join vs Subquery,Group by,Having vs Where,Identity columns,Transactions, Aggregate functions, Sorting and Distinct keyword
Extensive explanation of tricky questions like Select top nth Salary,joins vs Subquery,Self joins,Nulls,Wild cards,Alias & Top keyword
Basic SQL Server knowledge
If you are looking forward to crack SQL Server interviews then you are at the right course.
Working in SQL Server and cracking SQL Server interviews are different ball game. Normally SQL Server professionals work on repetitive tasks like back ups , custom reporting and so on. So when they are asked simple questions like Normalization , types of triggers they FUMBLE.
Its not that they do not know the answer , its just that they need a revision. That's what this course exactly does. Its prepares you for SQL Server interview in 2 days.
Below are the list of questions with answers , demonstration and detailed explanation. Happy learning. Happy job hunting.
SQL Interview Questions & Answers - Part 1 :-
Question 1 :- Explain normalization
Question 2 :- How to implement normalization
Question 3 :- What is denormalization
Question 4 :- Explain OLTP vs OLAP
Question 5 :- Explain 1st,2nd and 3rd Normal form
Question 6 :- Primary Key vs Unique key
Question 7 :- Differentiate between Char vs Varchar
Question 8 :- Differentiate between Char vs NChar
Question 9 :- Whats the size of Char vs NChar
Question 10 :- What is the use of Index
Question 11 :- How does it make search faster
Question 12 :- What are the two types of Indexes
Question 13 :- Clustered vs Non-Clustered index
Question 14 :- Function vs Stored Procedures
Question 15 :- What are triggers and why do you need it
Question 16 :- What are types of triggers
Question 17 :- Differentiate between After trigger vs Instead Of
Question 18 :- What is need of Identity
Question 19 :- Explain transactions and how to implement it
Question 20 :- What are inner joins
Question 21 :- Explain Left join
Question 22 :- Explain Right join
Question 23 :- Explain Full outer joins
Question 24 :- Explain Cross joins
SQL Interview Questions & Answers - Part 2 :-
Question 25:-Why do we need UNION
Question 26:-Differentiate between Union vs Union All
Question 27:-can we have unequal columns in Union
Question 28:-Can column have different data types in Union
Question 29:- Which Aggregate function have you used
Question 30:- When to use Group by
Question 31:- Can we select column which is not part of group by
Question 32:- What is having clause
Question 33:- Having clause vs Where clause
Question 34:- How can we sort records
Question 35:- Whats the default sort
Question 36:- How can we remove duplicates
Question 37:- Select the first top X records
Question 38:- How to handle NULLS
Question 39:- What is use of wild cards
Question 40:- What is the use of Alias
Question 41:- How to write a case statement
Question 42:- What is self reference tables
Question 43:- What is self join
Question 44:- Explain the between clause
SQL Interview Questions & Answers - Part 3 :-
Question 45:- Explain SubQuery
Question 46:- Can inner Subquery return multiple results
Question 47:- What is Co-related Query
Question 48:- Differentiate between Joins and SubQuery
Question 49:- Performance Joins vs SubQuery
SQL Interview Questions & Answers - Part 4 :-
Question 50:- Find NTH Highest Salary in SQL.
SQL Interview Questions & Answers - Part 5
Question 51:- Select the top nth highest salary using correlated Queries
Question 52:- Select top nth using using TSQL
Question 53:- Performance comparison of all the methods.
Developers who are looking to crack SQL Server interviews

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