November 22 2021

Algebra 2 Explained (updated 11/2021)

Algebra 2 Explained (updated 11/2021)
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Master Algebra 2 with our Step by Step Video Tutorials and Practice with 1500 Practice Questions!

Ace your Algebra Exam!
What you'll learn
You will be a master of Algebra 2 and be fully ready for college level math courses.
You will understand the basics of set theory and be able to create visual aids such as Venn Diagrams to display sets.
You will be able to solve any linear equation/inequality in one variable.
You will be able to graph linear equations/inequalities in two variables.
You will completely understand functions and be able to utilize function notation to solve problems.
You will be able to solve linear systems using graphing, substitution, elimination, and matrix methods.
You will be able to perform operations with polynomials: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
You will have a complete understanding of how to factor polynomials using different techniques
You be able to simplify, add, subtract, multiply and divide rational expressions.
You will also be able to solve rational equations and find the restricted values for a rational expression.
You will be able to simplify, add, subtract, multiply, and divide radical expressions. You will also be able to solve radical equations.
You will be able to detee if a function is one-to-one and find the inverse of a one-to-one function.
You will be able to work with exponential and logarithmic functions. You will also be able to solve exponential and logarithmic equations.
You will be able to graph elementary functions and detee the horizontal and or vertical shift(s).
You will understand function composition.
You will be able to graph conic sections: circles, ellipses, hyperbolas.
You will be able to solve non-linear systems of equations and inequalities.
Become a Master of Algebra 2 and Ace your next Exam! In this course, you will master the concepts of Algebra 2 with our step by step video tutorials and test your knowledge with over 1500 Practice Questions from practice tests, quizzes, and a midterm/final exam. The concepts you will learn are fundamental to success in higher math classes such as Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. In this course, we will b by covering sets. We will then move into: solving linear equations/inequalities, solving absolute value equations/inequalities, graphing linear equations/inequalities in two variables, functions, variation, systems of equations, rules of exponents, operations with polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, radicals, solving quadratic equation, inverse functions, exponential and logarithmic equations, graphing elementary functions (transformations), function composition, graphing conic sections: circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, and solving non-linear systems of equations/inequalities. The topics of the course include:
#1: Sets Part 1
#2: Sets Part 2
#3: Linear Equations Part 1
#4: Linear Equations Part 2
#5: Repeating Decimal to Fraction
#6: Solving for a Specified Variable
#7: Applications of Linear Equations Part 1
#8: Applications of Linear Equations Part 2
#9: Applications of Linear Equations Part 3
#10: Interval Notation
#11: Linear Inequalities
#12: Compound Inequalities
#13: Solving Absolute Value Equations
#14: Solving Absolute Value Inequalities
#15: Linear Equations in two Variables
#16: Graphing Linear Equations
#17: The Slope of a Line
#18: Graphing Slope Intercept Form
#19: Point-Slope Form
#20: Linear Inequalities in two Variables
#21: What is a Function in Math
#22: Vertical Line Test
#23: Function Notation
#24: Variation
#25: Solving Systems by Graphing
#26: Solving Systems by Substitution
#27: Solving Systems by Elimination
#28: Systems of Equations (3 Variables)
#29: Applications of Linear Systems
#30: Gaussian Elimination (2 Variables)
#31: Gaussian Elimination (3 Variables)
#32: Graphing Systems of Inequalities
#33: Exponent Rules
#34: Adding & Subtracting Polynomials
#35: Multiplying Polynomials
#36: Special Products
#37: Polynomial Long Division
#38: Synthetic Division
#39: Operations on Functions
#40: Factoring out the GCF
#41: Factoring by Grouping
#42: How to Factor Trinomials
#43: Factoring Trinomials AC Method
#44: Factoring Trinomials Reverse FOIL
#45: Factoring Polynomials (Substitution)
#46: Special Factoring
#47: Solving Equations by Factoring
#48: Rational Expressions
#49: Multiplying Rational Expressions
#50: Adding Rational Expressions
#51: Complex Rational Expressions
#52: Solving Rational Equations
#53: Applications of Rational Expressions
#54: Radical Expressions
#55: Simplifying Radicals
#56: The Distance Formula
#57: Adding Radical Expressions
#58: Rationalizing the Denominator
#59: Rationalizing a Binomial Denominator
#60: Solving Radical Equations
#61: Complex Numbers
#62: Completing the Square
#63: The Quadratic Formula
#64: Equations (Quadratic in Form)
#65: Graphing Parabolas
#66: More on Parabolas
#67: Quadratic & Rational Inequalities
#68: Inverse Functions
#69: Exponential Functions
#70: Logarithmic Functions
#71: Properties of Logarithms
#72: Common & Natural Logarithms
#73: Exponential & Logarithmic Equations
#74: Additional Graphs of Functions
#75: Function Composition
#76: The Circle
#77: Graphing Ellipses
#78: Graphing Hyperbolas
#79: Non-Linear Systems of Equations
#80: Second Degree Inequalities
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to fully master Algebra and prepare for College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus

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